How to set file data on pyContents of D_pxNewFile for custom repository used in DevOps/Deployment Manager?

is there any OOTB way to set file data on pyContents of D_pxNewFile data page? By default it seems RAP file data will be present on .pyStream ( property of D_pxNewFIle (sets in pzPublishArtifactWrapper activity).

Do we have any option to set the data on pyContents or do we need to do it manually in pyNewFile extension activity?


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August 19, 2019 - 4:45pm
  1. You will need to set it manually in a similar way as pzPublishArtifactWrapper does. I'm not aware of any OOTB way to get a stream or file contents as a string. There's an activity named @baseclass.pxPublishArtifact which does what you're asking, but it has flawed support for the repository API and will cause issues with custom repositories - it might serve as a good reference though.
  2. You shouldn't need to set data on pyContents in the pyNewFile extension activity because the file data should be passed in as an activity input.

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if I can be of any additional help.