How to pass values into clipboard from mashup script

How do we pass a hardcoded value in mashup script to clipboard page after launching the script. I am trying to pass value to a property and use that value on my case. I have tried below script

I want to pass something like data-pega-parameters='{ “pyWorkPage.ExternalUserName":"paul"}

I want to use that value(pyWorkPage.ExternalUserName) to show in my New harness when I launch case type in Iframe

<!-- ********************** Begin Pega content ********************** -->

<script src ='https://xxx /PRServlet?pyActivity=pzIncludeMashupScripts'></script>

<div data-pega-gadgetname ='PegaGadget'

data-pega-action ='createNewWork'

data-pega-action-param-classname ='XX-XX-Work-XX'

data-pega-action-param-flowname ='pyStartCase'

data-pega-action-param-model =''

data-pega-isdeferloaded ='false'

data-pega-applicationname ='XXX'

data-pega-threadname ='STANDARD'

data-pega-systemid ='pega'

data-pega-resizetype ='stretch'

data-pega-url ='https://xx/ PRServlet'

data-pega-redirectguests ='true'

data-pega-parameters='{ “pyWorkPage.ExternalUserName":"paul"}


<!-- ********************** End Pega content ********************** -->


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June 25, 2019 - 2:43pm

parameters can be sent to pega using below syntax in mashup 

data-pega-action-param-parameters= '{"test1":"gold1","test2":"123B0","test3":"6632323"}'

those parameters sent can be accessed in the parameter page.we have to add those parameters in the pydefault -Data transform (In the flow- pyStartCase) of case type and map to the properties in the specific page.

Please find the solution posted in