How to pass DateTime Parameter values to Bix extract when called from pxExtractDataWithArgs activity


I have a wrapper activity which is calling the pxExtractDataWithArgs activity. This wrapper activity is executed via Pega Agent rule. I would like to pass two parameters. A start datetime, and an endDate time using the pxCreateDateTime property.

So for example, if we want our bix extract to run for a specific date range, we would manually execute the wrapper activity and pass in a start datetime, and end datetime value on the run rule form.

On the Extract rule form, Filter Criteria tab we have two conditions. 1. .pxCreateDateTime is greater than or equal to Param.StartDateTime. 2. pxCreateDateTime is Less than or equal to Param.EndDateTime.

How can we pass those 2 parameter values from the calling wrapper activity when it calls pxExtractDataWithArgs?

Thank you

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October 9, 2018 - 10:08am


You can define an extract(Rule-Admin-Extract) with the required filters on the class corresponding to table . This creates an extract and pass the extract name and extract class as parameters when you call the activity pxExtractDataWithArgs.


December 7, 2018 - 11:21am
Response to Supraja.V

Hi Supraja,

     Here is the issue now. The activity I have sets a date range parameter using a property set such as Param.DateRange =  "-d \"20181201T120000.000\" -D \"20181203T230000.000\" -c"

This parameter is the put into the pyArgs field of the call for activity pxExtractDataWithArgs. when I run the activity the Param.DateRange value on the tracer shows as "-d \"20181201T120000.000\" -D \"20181203T230000.000\" -c" ,but the pxExtractDataWithArgs activity errors out with the following error message : ** Invalid pyArgs specified."

If I try to run the calling activity again, and instead just place the string "-d \"20181201T120000.000\" -D \"20181203T230000.000\" -c" in the pyArgs field of the Call to pxExtractDataWithArgs it works perfectly.

For some reason, it does not like it when I try to  simplly use Param.DateRange in the pyArgs field which contains the same exact value. Why is this?



October 9, 2018 - 10:25am

Thank you! I will give that a try