How to move selective rules from an lower RS Version to an upper RS Version if the rules created are in bulk?

Say, there are two RSVs available i.e. ABC:01-01-01 and ABC:01-01-02. There are multiple rules being created in both the versions without knowing that which version is used for what purpose. So, If some rules are created in ABC:01-01-01 RSV but later on it is required that the rules must be saved in ABC:01-01-02 RSV. So, only the selective rules need to be saved in ABC:01-01-02 RSV. How this can be achieved? Is there any other way as the Refactor doesn't support this?


Abhishek Giri

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July 12, 2019 - 2:43am

As per Refactor, we can skim rules rulesets. Is there any other way? Please suggest.

July 16, 2019 - 7:41am
Response to AbhishekG8892

Hi Abhishek,

You need to first save the rules (that you want to move to upper version) from ABC:01-01-01 to ABC:01-01-02. Then set the availability of those moved rules in ABC:01-01-01 to "Withdrawn". It will ensure that rule resolution will pick those rules from upper version only.

You do not need to skim rulesets to make it work. Let me know if it helps.