How to Hide Default dashboard

Hi ,

I have a requirement to load the different Harness to work on based on the production level parameter of the logged in user. The Navigation Menu has below Harness/sections present in pyPortalHeader (New,Dashboard,Tasks,Search). The respective Harness should be visible based on the .pzProductionLevel parameter present in pxProcess of System page on clipboard. To implement this I have followed below approach.

1) created a Data page of Node level and it has a Data Transform as Source

2)The pages and classes of Data page contains and entry of Code-Pega-Process to pass the .pzProductionLevel parameter to the Data transform. The Data Transform will compare the value of passed .pzproductionlevel parameter and returns the respective value (e.g. if .pzProductionLevel = 2 then Set .Dashboard = false) so that the Harness associated with Dashboard will not be visible.

3)In Navigation Menu for the options mentioned (Dashboard,Tasks,Report,Search) Created a when rule for each respective MenuItem and mentioned in the General Tab of MenuItem's visibility condition so that after passing the logged in users .pzProductionLevel parameter if the Data Transform present in Data Page returns true then only it should be visible otherwise it should not be visible.

However after implementing this though the value for Dashboard in DT is set to False for .pzProductionLevel=2, while loading the Case Manager portal as initial Dashboard it is showing the Dashboard instead of making it invisible. The Dashboard is getting visible by default in all the other environments.

so can anyone help with fixing this issue. As result of above implementation it should not display the Dashboard as default (It should display the Harness/section of Menu only for which the DT returns the True value).



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October 14, 2019 - 4:07am

Hi Yogesh,

Do not overengineer it. Using DSS for that purpose is easier and less error prone.

October 15, 2019 - 8:08am
Response to vaspoz

Hi Vaspoz,


Thanks for the response. I would have used DSS if my requirement was to call specific app URL based on Production Level value.

My requirement is to Enable or Disable the OOTB Menu Options based on the Env Level through which user logs in.

Hence DSS is not the solution which I'm looking for. I was able to achieve this functionality using Node Level Data page as explained in the above article except the Default Dashboard visibility, hence could you please suggest how can this be achieved.



October 15, 2019 - 9:48am
Response to YogeshSarsambe


could you please specify more clear - what're your requirements?

In the beginning you stated: "I have a requirement to load the different Harness to work on based on the production level parameter of the logged in user" (one more question here - you want to store a prod level parameter in a user's page?).

Then you said that you want to disable one of the standard menu options.

For different Harness - DSS through a node level Data Page.

Menu disability - when rule (which also could be done using Data Page, of course).

If you don't want to show the dashboard at all, look into the harness (usually, it's pyDashboard7), and replace the content by what you need.

Hope it will help