How to find information about the DefaultStore repository?

Can anyone point me to documentation about what is the purpose of the default repository? (defaultstore)

When I open it, I see this:

This is a system managed repository. The configuration cannot be modified from here. For more details please refer to help.

When I open Help from that rule form, I arrive at the topic Continuous Integration and delivery pipeline repositories, at the address <hostname>/prhelp/procomhelpmain.htm#data-/data-repository/main.htm. However, I cannot find any mention of defaultstore there.

When I search the index for "defaultstore", I get one match that concerns "the storage destination ... used by the import data wizard, BIX, and file listeners to store files".


That topic seems to indicate that the purpose of the default repository is "You can change the location to which the files are written"

I think I'm missing a connection: how does this tie in to continuous intregration? Is the default repository truly usable like a repository I can create, or does it have a different purpose?


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November 23, 2018 - 10:25am



The defaultstore is by default the filesystem pointing to PRPC_Temp location. 

This location, if in Tomcat, would be the folder where the RAP uploads are pushed into. 

This repository, defaultstore, as it is filesystem, it might not be much of help being used for holding artifacts / RAPs. 

If you are on PegaCloud, a default repository is created and made available pointing to the S3 storage. This default repository is not referred / named defaultstore, it has another name reference. 

If it is just a PoC or a demo you can consider using defaultstore too. 

November 23, 2018 - 1:14pm

Thank you for bringing to attention regarding the gap gap in the help about the defaultstore. We will make sure to get it updated.