How to feed output (browser metrics) from Navigation Timing API to Pega Logs.

Hi Team,
We are planning to work upon the browser rendering time stats for each PEGA screen (end user portal).Came across a browser inbuilt API functionality named “Navigation Timing API” which does have some methods to track the browser rendering time.Browser Navigation Timing API helps obtain the following information : Calculate page Load time,calculate Request/Response Time(Network Time) and calculate Page Rendering Time.

The concern we are facing is logging this javascript function output into application logs(PegaRULES) since javascript code is validated at the client side.
Please suggest.
Thank you.


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May 24, 2019 - 8:23pm

In principle, you can use XMLHttpRequest.send() (e.g., to log the metric by calling a REST endpoint (Service-REST) hosted by Pega server.