How to Enable/Disable Queue Processor and Job scheduler in higher environments with data instances

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Can any one please clarify below questions.

1) About Data Instance

In pega v7 , we can see agent schedule data instance to enable/disable agents, modify time interval, and change pattern in higher environments without modifying rule instance.

So, in the same way, How can we monitor/control the Queue processor and Job Scheduler in pega v8? I mean, i did not notice any data instance to control these rules.

2) Queuing Items into DB.

In pega v7, if we want to have queing the records. we would do the following things:

-> Create class under System-Queue-XXXX

-> we will map these class to some DB table.

Once agent wakes up, standard agent will look into these table for any queing items from DB. if so, it will proceed with processing.

In the same way, how can we implement queuing mechanism in the Queue processor?

because, i checked in the PDN article saying that, Queue processor doesn't need to queue the items into DB.

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August 3, 2019 - 3:50am
Response to SusanLiu

Hi SusanLiu,

I have already read these articles. there is no points related to my questions in these links.



August 9, 2019 - 1:50am

1) About Data Instance

With the concept of Rule Agent Queue and Data Agent Queue, there was a slight confusion on which would take precedence etc. Also the user had to make the same change in all the environments.

For Jobschedulers, if schedule or other parameters need to be changed, the user can simply save as the rule just like other rules and it will be immediately picked up. The changes can be packaged and migrated to other environments too.If a QueueProcessor or Jobscheduler just needs to be disabled, it can be done via admin studio and the it will remain in effect even after a cluster restart.

2) Queuing Items into DB.

QueueProcessors do not push the items to DB, instead they push the items to Kafka. You can still create a Queueclass and create an item of that and push it QueueProcessors(either using standard QueueProcessor or dedicated QueueProcessor based on the volume and usage). You can refer for more details



August 9, 2019 - 2:56am


You can use admin studio for performing any of the administrative task.