How does Pega Customer Service handle email replies

We are implementing Pega CS 8.2. For the email channel we use email replies. We have a couple of questions:

1. We dont see that when the customer replies back to the agent, the agent is notified. There should be something somewhere OOTB that handles this I guess. Where?

2. What is the best practice with regards to the interaction when you are waiting for the reply? We have decided to wrap up the interaction. When a reply comes in, a new interaction will be started that relates to the previous interaction.


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July 16, 2019 - 10:29pm

Hi Schos,

Thanks for posting the query.

When an email has been sent to the configured email channel, The listener which is associated with the configured email will get activated which results in the creation of ET case which in-turn creates interaction and based on your configuration in the email channel it will get routed to the operator. When the customer replies back to the same email, the same will get tied to the email thread in the current interaction.

When an email has been sent to the interaction which was already wrapped-up, then a new interaction case will get created and also the same email will be tied in the email thread of closed interaction as well.


July 19, 2019 - 11:06am


  1. If the Interaction case is open and a new email (from customer) is received, OOTB there is a pop-up that will display that the case has been updated and the agent would have the ability to select Yes to update the email section, which will display the new email.
  2. This depends on the client and their business needs. I had recommended to my client to change the status of the case to "Pending-CustomerReply" and route it to a separate WB. Another option is to keep it in the agent's WL, but that would also depend on how they want to calculate the AHT. I would say recommend a couple of options to client and let them choose what is best for their business. Also think about reporting and KPI calculations, etc.

Hope this helps.