How to display rules based on Issue & Group level in revision manager

Hi All,

As of now, when we are adding any rules into revision manager, it will categorise the rules based on proposition group level. But we are facing some issues with this approach. Since we have same proposition group names under different business issues, group level distribution doesn't look easy to identify the rules.

For eg: We have 2 business issues, "Sales", "Service" and group "Customer" is present under both "Sales", "Service", then it is display as "Customer" "Customer " (2 times) in revision manager.

So we are thinking to categories the rules based on both Issue and group level (like Sales - Customer and Service - Customer). Can anyone help on this.



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June 19, 2019 - 4:30am

Hi Nitasha,

I had a similar request come through on the support portal which  can investigate, is this related.. can you confirm the version you are using, Pega Marketing or not etc?  Also can I check the customer?

Thanks, Alex