How to create RPA robotic assignment for each row of Data- class pagelist

Requirement: We have a case type ABC in which we have a Data- class pagelist with 10 properties in each row. On click of submit button we have to queue each row as a separate robotic assignment into robotic workbasket. From there RPA bot will pick each assignment and create request in another system for each pagelist row.

Problem: If we assign the case to robotic queue then RPA bot is not able to iterate the pagelist and create request for each row into another desktop application. As RPA bot is expecting only scalar properties as input, not pagelist. To overcome this we tried splitting each pagelist row into child case and assigned that child case to Robotic queue using “Assign to robot queue” flow shape and RPA bot was able to process each child case successfully.

Now due to business limitation we cannot use child case approach.

We tried other approach by using split for each to split each item of page list, but in that case we are not able to use “Assign to robot queue” flow shape in the flow used for split for each, because the pagelist is of Data- class so we can use only data class flow in split for each and “Assign to robot queue” flow shape can be used only in Work- class.

Is there any other approach from Pega BPM or Pega RPA side so that either Pega BPM can send each row with single properties as a separate robotic queue item or Pega RPA can iterate over pagelist?


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July 30, 2019 - 10:16pm

To clarify, what you're trying to do is launch the data flow off of each row on this set of data, and you cannot use the entire list because it has an mismatch in expected data type, correct?