how to avoid business users creating lot of rules in organisation classes using pega express

pega express leverage business users to participate and explore pega capabilities. same time from IT we would like to regulate certain items. right now we are experiencing lot of rules created at organisation classes by SME's. I'd like to know options to avoid rules getting created under org classes using pega express. any suggestion?


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March 21, 2019 - 12:31pm

When a user creates something in Express (App Studio) the system will determine the best location for the change.  This is done by inspecting the location (class) where the update will be made.  If the user is making changes to an element that is defined in a class that exists in an Org ruleset, the system will try to make the update in the Org ruleset.  This is done keep related elements from being spread out throughout the application's rulesets.

How the class is determined is similar to how the ruleset is selected. If a user is making changes to a Case type or Data type defined the Org class (myApp-myOrg), the system will create new properties, sections and flows in that class (myApp-myOrg). 

So how can you control where changes are made? The context of the change you are making, Case type, Data type, or Channel will determine the class for your change. The system will attempt to write the change to the ruleset where the class for your change is defined.  If you lock the org rulesets for your application, changes will not be placed there but instead be made in an available application ruleset. We would recommend locking the org rulesets for your application, unless you need users to make changes to the organizational assets.