To Highlight the Dropdown Dynamically

I have a screen ,, now there are 2 column , in one column there is a drop-down which is getting populated via a data page..
And there is a second column where data is getting populated from the RPA bot,,

Now , if in that column from where data is coming from the bot is not matched with the values of other drop-down , then that drop-down which is getting populated from the data page , should get highlighted ,, so that it looks like the user should select the value from the data page drop-down then only it can move forward...

Main Issue is to highlight the dropdown, other things can also be acheived by OOTB Functionality

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September 22, 2019 - 10:56am

Hi Vinay,


You can try below approach.

You can configure two dropdowns and have visibility condition on the dropdowns.

For dropdown D1 - The configurations will be normal and will be displayed when everything is fine.

For dropdown D2 -  You can create a custom format and configure D2 with this custom format.

Now whenever there is a mismatch show the D2 (based on visibility conditions). You want to make sure that you have configured onchange event with refresh-action on both dropdowns, so that when the values is modified the then D1 is displayed in place of D2.