get pyworkpage information through automation

Hi, is there any possibility to get the cliboard / pyworkpage through some URL request or database query ?



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October 22, 2019 - 6:24am

Hi Michaudp,

Thanks for posting the query.

You can hit the Pega_Host_Name/api/v1/cases to get the case data in a JSON format. There are several methods supported and you may refer to the below Pega API docs for detailed info.

The Cases API provides the means to obtain a list of cases for a user, create a new case, obtain case details, and update a specific case.

October 22, 2019 - 12:37pm
Response to palas3

Hi, thanks for this quick answer, I tried several API URLs like http://HOST/prweb/api/v1/authenticate it ask me for my credentials but it fails with code 401 unauthorized. (My credentials works OK with /prweb/PRServlet).

I've also tried through the designer studio with the menu resources/Pega API which gives a web page with all the available API and I used the TryOut button : same problem.

I have also added to my operator accessgroup the following roles but it is not better (still 401 error) : PegaRULES:PegaAPI, PegaRULES:PegaAPISysAdmin, PegaRULES:SysOpsAdministrator, PegaRULES:SysOpsObserver.

My PEGA version is 7.2.2.

Is there something to do in the pega studio to get access to the API or do I miss something ?


October 29, 2019 - 6:40am

I am still trying to find a way to get the pyworkpage information either through table information or through API.

On a test server the authentication was working (I still do not know why it is not working in a PROD environment) but a test with a case I have create like /prweb/api/v1/cases/S-13991 gives error 404. and /prweb/api/v1/cases gives only :

,"cases":[ ]

also when reading the API documentation it says that I can only retrieve cases from the authenticated user that has created the case in the default work pool. But I wold like to be able to retrieve any case from any user. So is there a kind of superuser that can do this with the API. If not, the API will not be usefull for what I want to get (any pyworkpage).

So is there some way to get any pyworkpage through a query, a java program or any other API ?