Generate excel file and drop file to server location

I have a requirement to take data from table and generate excel for those records and drop that excel file to Server location(Shared Drive).I tried to use connect-file method but using connect file method, we can write data from xml,csv file,HTML rule and clipboard and add that to file. File generation is done by Connect file rule Pega OOTB activity and It generates Text file always I think. Can you please suggest is there any other way to generate excel file and drop it to specific location?


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December 10, 2019 - 9:26am

Hi Darshana,

I am not sure if this will really work but you can try it:

In File Connector rule checked the EnableBOM box.

Use the pxConvertResultsToCSV OOTB Activity  its under @baseclass.

  • CSVColumns CSV of properties as columns in CSV , you can choose witch columns you want it 
  • PageListProperty name of the property to be read in the primay page (In the case of a repor definition as above you would need to use the pxResults page)
  • FileName option. If blank will be defaulted to ResultsToCSV


Use the operation "Write from Clipboard Page"  in Connect-File method.