Forward Email capability within Pega Customer Service Email Interaction flow

Hi, Our customer need a way to forward email threads with attachments (if any) attached to the forwarded email to 3rd party vendors. Currently, Pega Customer Service Email Interaction allows only reply to the emails and not a forward. Has this forward functionality implemented for any other customer? If yes, how can we do that? This is critical for the current operations for the Customer.

Also, their expectation is forward email being similar kind of Reply email window experience as we have in Pega 8.2.3 version onwards.

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August 19, 2019 - 7:18am

Hi @s0001 -

I have created a product enhancement request on our internal portal as per the information available in the issue description. The feedback ID is tagged under Related Support Case number. 

Since you are internal employee, you can use the ID as reference to drive and track the progress of the request with the product management team directly.


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