Focus on current TAB of a TABBED Layout

I am having a TABBED Layout and each tab is generated for each year in the Flow Action Below. i.e. I can recruit Multiple Positions for each year. As I go from Year One to Year 2 and so on, EACH Year is a tab in my section which is a Pagelist. I have Year as a pagelist and position as a pagelist.

Problem is when I go back, the Focus is on the First TAB of the First Year.

How can I set the set the Focus to CURRENT YEAR i.e when I go back from Year 3 to Year 2, I want to focus on the Second TAB i.e Year 2.

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September 16, 2019 - 9:51pm


Can you check if this document will be helpful for your use case:

Might need to customize a little based on the requirement.