FileStream to HTML conversion

Hi All,

My requirement is to show the information in a word template into rich text editor & allow the users to edit them, then on click of submit convert the same to word and send an email.

Here I am trying to convert the FileStream to HTML so that I can display it in the rich text editor. Also will convert the HTML to file and send it in a mail to respective users.

Is it possible for such conversions. Kindly help me out. Thanks in advance.




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September 30, 2019 - 2:56pm

Hi @Vishnu91,

Did you find a way to achieve the File Stream to HTML ?

For the other way around (HTML to Word), In PEGA, there is a "WordEmbedMergeTest" OOTB Flow which helps in understanding how to achieve, This runs using external plug-in Microsoft Silverlight from PEGA 7

Thank you,

Regards, Cherb.