Failed to launch harness on button after file upload.

Getting below error message on launch of harness .


1) Upload file feature is configured in grid layout to attach file for each repeating list .Upload file model dialogue is getting launched on pyWorkPage .

2) On top of grid view , we have a layout that contains view attachment button to review or edit all attachments that are uploaded through grid view. But System is failing the launch the harness once at-least one file is uploaded from repeating grid list as getting mentioned below error message. Even i tried launch blank harness which contains no stream rules but still failing to launch harness .

Working scenario:- if upload file feature is configured in header level (not in repeating grid ) then view attachments feature is working as able to view all attachments in harness .

Attached the detail document for configurations .Attached the log file as well.

Error message

Display error

Error trying to process
Action that failed
For class
Current operator
Object key

Error message
Section &#39&#59;DisplayDocCategoryAttachments&#39&#59; execution error on page &#39&#59;pyWorkPage&#39&#59; of class &#39&#59;XXX-XXXX-Work-XXXX-XXX&#39&#59;. : Section &#39&#59;WorkFormStandard&#39&#59; execution error on page &#39&#59;pyWorkPage&#39&#59; of class &#39&#59;XXX-XXXX-Work-XXXX-XXX&#39&#59;. : Section &#39&#59;UserWorkForm&#39&#59; execution error on page &#39&#59;pyWorkPage&#39&#59; of class &#39&#59;XXX-XXXX-Work-XXXX-XXX&#39&#59;. : The property pyWorkPage.pyWorkPage was of mode Page while;&#41&#59; was expecting String mode. Details: &#40&#59;none&#41&#59;

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December 6, 2018 - 4:09pm

Seems ,The issue which i mentioned above might be related to below article.

> Launch model dialogue on pyWorkPage by configuring Using page

> Refresh section on subsequent launch of launch of model dialogue . 

Now try to launch harness which is configured to display the data that is coming from model dialogue ,then we are getting exception .

Post launch of model dialogue ,pzIsPerform when rule is getting false .

let me know if any work around to launch the upload file in model dialogue from data layer grid instead of hardcoding the using page as pyworkpage.




December 27, 2018 - 12:10pm

Hi Brahmesh

1. What version of pega are you on?

2. Instead of using the View attachment from outside the grid, if you were to move it inside the grid, does it show your attachment correctly?

3. Could you make sure that you are using “Open Local Action” from list actions instead of “Launch local action” for your upload file button configuration from the grid?  In your sample, I noticed you have used “Launch local action” for the upload file button from the grid.