Export work item attachments to a directory

We have a requirement to export work item attachments to a server location.

Here is what we have done

1. Browse through link-attachment instances get pxLinkedRefTo for each instance.

2. Pass the pxLinkedRefTo as parameter to Obj-Open-By-Handle

3. Decode pyAttachStream using Base64Decode function and set it to a property.

4. Call connect-file with write from clipboard property

Issue: the text files are exported and could read them but couldn't read excel or word files or Images, I have tried by changing the file extensions as well.

Please assist us decoding and exporting these attachments.

Attached the activity written for the same. Any help is much appreciated.

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June 13, 2019 - 11:44am

What type is the '.Temp' Property in your Activity?

I see you are using the OOTB function @Default.Base64Decode on the original (base64/text) data held in the 'pyAttachStream'.

Personally: I have never got that function to work in this way; it returns a String from a String (right?).

I have tended instead to use a Java Step to hold the resultant decoded b64 data in a Java Array.

I'm not saying my approach is 'more correct' - its just that I happened to get it working that way.

Take a look at this Post:

And in particular the Java Steps in there; you should be able to re-arrange this to suit your needs.

Can you give this a go and see whether you can get it working?
If you can't get it working - please post up your Activity you tried (include Steps, Pages and Params tabs) - and expand any steps.

(For Java Steps; just copy the Java inline - easier to see).




June 18, 2019 - 5:12am
Response to JOHNPW_GCS

Thanks for the inputs John, will give it a try