Excel file name displaying junk values for Russia and Greek language when generating Excel file using ExportToExcel OOTB Activity.

In our project we have a requirement to generate Excel file for searched results.We have using ExportToExcel OOTB Activity to generate the excel file and also defined the Excel file name manually.But for Russian and Greek languages we are getting junk values for Excel File name.For other languages the Excel File Name displaying correctly.

We are using Pega 7.3.1.

We have changed the Java codes slightly for our need which as follows:

String strFileName = getParameterValue("FileName");

String strFileData = getParameterValue("pyFileData");//getPrimaryPage().getValue("pySrc");

Page objHeadersPage = getProperty("pxRequestor.pyHTTPResponseHeaders").getAsPage();

if (objHeadersPage.isBound())


objHeadersPage.setValue("contentType" ,"application/");


"attachment; filename=\"" +strFileName+"\"");

sendData("", strFileData);




sendData("","Error. Can't get \"pxRequestor.pyHTTPResponseHeaders\" page");


In my analysis maybe it need slight change in java codes.


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December 26, 2018 - 1:48am

Anyone know how to solve this problem?

December 27, 2018 - 12:56pm

Hi Rakesh

Check out this link.

You may have to muck with language for non-unicode in your system as described in the post.