Event Strategy - Irregular emission

An event strategy (ES) is set up on a Real time data flow. This ES has a tumbling window which is configured to emit once is every 8 seconds. Each emission is configured to sum the number of hits the stream data set gets and emit the total count for that 8 second window. It is observed that this ES skips certain emissions and compensates that by emitting twice during the next emission. The destination of this real time data flow depends on the emission data to update an existing database instance. Because of this irregularity the system tends to lose count of the number of requests received. What could be the root cause for such irregularity? Is this is a known behaviour for an event strategy?

Pega Marketing version: 7.2.1

Thanks in advance.

Ratan Balaji.

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October 23, 2019 - 2:14pm

Hi Ratan,

I would suggest this will get better eyes if tagged with Decision Management as opposed to Pega Marketing.