Enterprise Class Structure Design

There is a banking application for XYZ company.

Countries: USA,UK,France,Germany and many more will come.

Products: CreditCard(CC),LoanAmount(LA).

I have to design the Enterprise Class Structure.

My Solution:-

Org Layer:- Org Class: XYZ-
FW Class : XYZ-FW-

Division Layer :- Div Class: XYZ-Ctry-CC-
Div Class: XYZ-Ctry-LA-

Ctry class is circumstanced on a country property with involved countries for the application.

Framework Layer :- FW Class : XYZ-FW-BankingTaskFW-
Work Pool : XYZ-FW-BankingTaskFW-Work

Implementation Layer :-
Imp Class: XYZ-Ctry-CC-BankingTask-
Work Pool: XYZ-Ctry-CC-BankingTask-Work

Imp Class: XYZ-Ctry-LA-BankingTask-
Work Pool: XYZ-Ctry-LA-BankingTask-Work

Data and Integration Classes are applicable to all layers which I have not mentioned.

Please suggest a better ECS design if I am incorrect.I am concerned especially about the design of included countries.

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March 24, 2019 - 1:07pm