Email response creates new email channel case and does not append the response to the original case


We have multiple channels Phone, Email & Chat configured in our application. Application built on top of CS. We have an issue with send correspondence. For email channel cases, we are using OOTB ET case email window to send the emails & same ET case is capturing the responses as long as the Interaction case is open.

In the case of Phone / Chat channels send correspondence is the only option. When we get response to these emails

  • System treating the responses as new emails (as there is no ET case) and creating new email channel case. Expected behavior is to append the response to the original case.

Requirement is to have same behavior for all channels.

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September 11, 2019 - 5:07am

One way to solve this is to add I-XYZ id in the subject line of 'Send correspondence' that you are using for Phone and Chat conversations. Also, reply-to field in this correspondence should be the email id that email channel is configured with. When customer replies, the system will know which I- to open and save this new information to.