Email Listener config to read manually read emails.


We have a Mailbox which is accessible to couple of users, we have configured our Email Listener to read the emails from the box and parse the email attachments and generate some reports. All is working as expected but the ask is: If suppose someone from the group already read an email before even Pega picks this up, will Email Listener read that email or not ? If no, how can we configure this so that Email Listener picks that up. Is there a OOTB way of doing this ?


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July 11, 2019 - 8:20pm

Unfortunately, the answer is "No" i.e.,OOTB Pega's Email Listener will check for Unread emails from the Folder Name that was specified in the Email Listener Configuration. In fact, this is the distinguished factor for Pega to understand that the Email is read and processed. 

You can suggest people who has access to the Inbox, make the email as Unread (Right Click > Mark Unread) after they complete reading the email, so that Pega can pick up the email for its processing in the next run. This may not be the best solution as we have to depend on the end user actions, but possible option.