Edge Browser - Want to use your location pop up

Hello All,

If I'm accessing my application in "Edge" browser then I'm getting below pop-up in the screen. Do you have any idea, how to stop this pop-up? Kindly clarify . Thanks

Pop up Message : "wants to use your location,but first you need to go to Settings and turn on Location"


Boopathi Balu

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October 22, 2019 - 2:45pm


It is a common issue most of the users face while using edge browser. Enable the location access on the settings. Refer the below link for further details,

Hope this helps!






October 22, 2019 - 2:49pm

Hi Boopathi,

Please follow the below ways to turn off the location through windows and in edge browser

1)To turn off location access in Edge Browser:

Please follow the steps to configure Website Permission in Microsoft Edge

  • Launch Microsoft Edge. Click on the three dotted icon.
  • Click on Advanced Settings, scroll down to Website permission.
  • Click on Manage and change the site permission (location, access to your microphone, etc.)
  • Locate a website in your list which has permission to ask for your location. click the X button to delete its permissions.

2)To turn off location access for edge browser through windows:

  • In Windows search bar, type Privacy, then click Privacy settings.
  • Click Location, then scroll down to the section labeled "Choose apps that can use your precise location."
  • Find Microsoft Edge in the list and change the setting to Off.


Praveen V

October 23, 2019 - 4:43am

Hello GeedA / Praveen,

Thanks for your comments. But, i don't think so, it's a browser settings issue. Because, for same application, I'm getting this pop-up while opening my pega application in DEV environment (In Edge Browser). But, I didn't get any pop-up while opening my pega application in UAT / SIT environment (In Edge Browser).  So, I'm suspecting that, some pega configuration needs to be corrected to avoid this pop-up. Kindly share , if any inputs. Thanks


Boopathi Balu