DWA Button Configuration


I have configured DWA for external users, and I know that the PerformExternal harness contains ActionExternal section to display an external assignment. I have configured the actual section that ActionExternal loads to properly be centered within the dynamic layout when viewed. While the actual section is centered correctly, the buttons stay orientated to the left. I assume the buttons are based off of the HTML within the ActionExternal section, but none of the changes are shown when I try to configure that section.

I have attached the view for the end user as well, to better visualize the issue

How would I properly be able to move the buttons within the section, or am I looking in the wrong location to configure button placement?


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September 30, 2019 - 6:23am

Hi Juan,

How you are configuring the DWA link for the word CLICK HERE?

Have you followed the steps discussed in this article :

Check out how the correspondence has been configured and then include the rule in the paragraph.