Duplicate Cases in Dev and Prod Robot Manager

We are using Pega 7.3.0 and noticed that duplicate cases were created mistakenly in prod from Dev while testing. The Prod ID’s have same case ID’s as Dev. After we went live, Prod Robot Manager is failing while creating cases with Unique Constraint violated. Prod already has a case ID generated from Dev with the same Case ID number which is now being generated by Prod Robot Manager

Any ideas on how we can deal with this situation.


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November 29, 2018 - 12:40pm


Can you provide a bit more detail on how you have these two servers configured?  For example, it sounds like you have two separate servers - one for DEV and another for PROD.  Are you manually packaging work objects from DEV to PROD?  This is the primary way that I think you would get into this situation.  Happy to help, just give us some more information about your setup, please.