Does MSOGenerateExcelFile support nested pagelist to display grouped data

I'm able to use the MSOGenerateExcelFile to generate excel with pagelist data. i.e. i can load a table in excel using this pagelist property.

The requirement is to be able to display multiple tables or multiple list with group header.

For e.g.

First display claim details for Patient 1 with heading of patient name

Then second patient claims with Patient name in header and so on.. we do not want to hardcode patient #.

Patient Name: ABC (.patient(1).name)

Claim No (.patient(1).claim().ClaimNumber) , Amount (.patient(1).claim().Amount)

C1, 453.00

C2, 451.00

Patient Name: DEF (.patient(2).name)

Claim No (.patient(2).claim().ClaimNumber) , Amount (.patient(2).claim().Amount)

C1, 73.00

C2, 51.00

C3, 10.00

If supported, how do we format the template to achieve this? Really thanks in advance!

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August 18, 2019 - 1:32pm


As per my understanding, We can't use a nested page list in the MSOGenerateExcelFile activity.

August 19, 2019 - 1:07pm


We cant generate columns dynamically using MSO generate excel activity, because it predefines by template and data are sorted in column order

For this u can try with pxconvertresults tocsv activity pass the pagelist and it will genrate the columns with patient name#