Divisions Best Approach


I trying to learn more about division layers in ECS and how to implement it. Below is what I would like to achieve.


Div1 Div2



Is it possible to do this structure without creating two applications? How would you set up the Operators to follow different pattern inheritance paths?

A suggested approach would be appreciated


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November 18, 2019 - 7:22am


Following links might help to learn & create layers:


Regarding the mentioned use case the approach i would suggest is create a framework application that will have the base rules and create implementation that will extend the framework application for each division specific rules.

Regarding 'setting up the operators to follow different pattern inheritance path' ,correct me if understood wrong if you are talking about separating the application for operators then you can reference the access group created for division specific application(Implementation) and for routing you can update the organization structure on the work tab of operator ID.

Please add if you found a better approach.


Abdul Sofiyaan.