Display values across columns for a hierarchical table in UI from a summarized report definition


I have a report definition which has 3 summarized columns. Apart from the 3 summarized columns, I have 4 columns which are used to filter the details.

Now, I want to display this report in a section in such a way that, one of the not summarized columns should be categorized in columns "Similar to the report viewer, when we run report definition, when we check 'Display Values across columns'".

I have tried to use hierarchical table layout but it doesn't display the column where 'Display values across columns' is listed.

No additional configuration is also found on hierarchical table to categorize the table by column

Could anyone please suggest me if there is any other way to implement the approach.

Attaching the document which has the required screenshots and expected design of the report in section.


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September 20, 2019 - 12:15pm

I know of no way to do this with the OOTB hierarchical table. The closest OOTB functionality is probably using the "Categorize by this column" option in a regular table. This will separate the rows the way you want, but won't give you the expand/collapse capability I'm guessing you want.

I'm wondering if nesting a section containing a table in the hierarchical table would allow you to implement what you need.