Disable WB based on time of day

Hello everyone,

we have a requirement in which we have several operators with different access groups, operators with access group A should always be able to see WB A.

AG B, should only see the WB A during day time.

and AG C, should only see the WB A during night.

The user should also like to have a switch to override this decision, for example if there is a peak on the users that need to be processed, they will like then AG C to have access to the WA all time.

I'll appreciate any ideas on how to implement something like this. we are using Pega 7.3

Thank you,



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March 15, 2019 - 12:27pm

Hi JC,

As the Work Basket ( Work queue) has a mapping with Work Group, the operator Work Group may be manipulated to point to a particular WB.

For your first requirement , may be during login the operator context can be established and the default WG can be set , if you are using external authentication , say, SAML. 

The mapping on the WG attribute could be conditionalised based on the time of the day.



March 16, 2019 - 12:16am

Write An advance  Agent to run the twice in day and update the operators records according to your requirement

You need to add the workgroups to the operator ID using the activities in order to access the workbaskets