Digital Software Delivery FAQs

Q: Who can request software?

A: Digital Software Delivery is available to all client Support Contact Administrators (SCAs) and Support Contacts (SCs) for your company. For more information about working with Pega Support and about Support Contact Administration, visit this Pega Community page.

Q: Why can’t I see a product my organization licensed?

A: There are different reasons for missing a product in your shopping cart. Let’s tackle them one at-a-time:

  • The most common reason people don’t see products they expect is that they are not affiliated with the licensed account. For help with account related inquiries, please contact support@accounts.pega.com.
  • Licensing models vary among Pega’s client and partner base. Pega is committed to providing solutions in flexible arrangements with a focus on providing the best service for the situation. Sometimes that flexibility means licensing and support are provided by a trusted reseller. If you are purchasing Pega software via another party, this may prevent you from seeing a shopping cart of products you know to be licensed. For help with account related inquiries, please contact support@accounts.pega.com.

Dependent products may appear missing. For example, Pega Marketing™ is built on Pega Platform™. If you purchase Pega Marketing™ and you need a new download of the platform, simply request Pega Marketing™. When you receive the confirmation e-mail, you will see a complete list of products made available to you, including any dependent products.

Q: Where can I find free components like language packs?

A: The Pega Community is growing, and our community members are producing amazing content! To make unlicensed add-ons like language packs easier to access, they are hosted on Pega Marketplace.

Q: Where can I find help files for legacy versions of the platform?

A: Visit this page on Pega Community

Q: Where can I find Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) and other platform add-ons?

A: You can find platform utilities and add-ons by navigating to the ResourceKit and Additional_Products subfolders in your Pega Platform™ distribution.

Q: Why can’t I download Pega Platform™ 7.x, 6.x or 5.x anymore?

A: Pega’s goal is to deliver the highest quality software and help our clients best design, deploy and manage their investment in Pega. We strive to continually innovate and evolve our products, providing our clients with a richer functionality and higher quality products. As part of this ongoing process, Pega encourages users to implement the latest versions of all available products.

Q: Why can’t I download Pega Platform™ Personal Edition?

A: The latest Pega Platform™ Personal Edition is available to all clients and partners. If you are registered on Pega Community with a service provider e-mail domain (e.g. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc.), you will not have access to Personal Edition, or licensed software. For help with account related inquiries, please contact support@accounts.pega.com.

Q: Why can’t I download legacy versions of Pega Platform™ Personal Edition?

A: Personal Edition is available to all clients and partners on the latest Pega Platform version. While we realize the Pega Community enjoys the convenience of Personal Edition for making proof-of-concepts and learning, Pega is working hard to help clients get the most of their licensing. For that reason, we encourage users to use the most powerful version of the platform whenever exploring new opportunities for automation.

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Digital Software Delivery FAQs has been updated

August 19, 2019 - 10:57pm

I wanted to apply the latest patch 8.1.6 on my local personal edition 8.1.1.

However, I couldn't find the patch on "Digital Software Delivery" page.

August 20, 2019 - 3:15am
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