Declare expression is not firing as expected in grid layout

The R-D-E is not firing as expected ,Below is detailed configuration .

1) Target property is applies to work class (pyWorkPage).

2) Forward chaining (Whenever input changes) and Context behaviour is "Only when top level page is applies to class"

3) Set value is configured with expression =@Utilities.IsInPageListWhen("IsInternalCustomer",.Offer.CustomerList)

(.offer is page mode and customerList is page list mode)

When rule has defined with following condition A and B

A ) Property (.CustomerType) exist has value

B) @String.pxContainsViaRegex(.CustomerType,"((?i)internal)",true)

Usecase : whenever customer type value contains "internal" (case insensitive) in customer page list then flag(target property) should be set on work page.

it's working fine if try to add/delete the records to grid but not changing the value to existing record.

Please share your inputs if any issue with configuration.

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July 17, 2019 - 10:27am


When you're changing the value for the existing record, is the value being posted back to the server?  If you're editing the grid in-line and haven't updated the clipboard yet, that could be why the RDE isn't firing.  

Hope this helps!


July 17, 2019 - 10:49am
Response to KurtW_GCS

Value is being posted to clipboard by refreshing the section on change of value .