DateTime display ignores time zone of the operator

We have two consecutive user actions. In the first one user sets date and time to DateTimeCalc property (type DateTime), using the standart DateTime control. Ex. 21.06.2019 10:21, according to the clipboard property DateTimeCalc has value "20190621T072100.000 GMT". Said property is displayed later on a section of next user action. The user expects to see value of DateTimeCalc property he entered earlier, 21.06.2019 10:21, instead he sees DateTimeCalc = 21.06.2019 7:21.
How can we fix it and show the user the time value relevant for his timezone?


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June 21, 2019 - 7:27am


Pega will display the date time property value based on the logged in operator's locale.

Can you please verify  Is the DateTimeCalc is using the text input or DateTime control to display the value in read-only mode.

If possible can you please share the configuration screenshots.




October 11, 2019 - 11:29am


Pega will take server timezone by default unless JVM arguments have been set otherwise.

Apparently you can check the locale of the users logged into that also comes into effect if set.