Date Filter is not working

Hi All,

Can you please help to resolve the below issue?

I have implemented a worklist which consist of column which indicates the closure date of particular case, the requirement says the date field should show the closure date of last 90 days.

As a part of solution to this problem I have included a condition in report definition and as the Column contains closure date I selected the filter condition as Last 90 Days (.ClosureDate <= Last 90 Days) but somehow this configuration is not working and also column filtering is not working.

Note : The .ClosureDate property type is Date

Any solution around this ?



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September 12, 2019 - 2:42pm

Hi YogeshSarsambe,

According to our documentation for the evaluation of symbolic dates (which can be found here).  Performing a "LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO" condition will only use the ending date of the "last 90 days" symbol.  

It looks like the "IS EQUAL TO" condition may return what you are expecting.

I hope this helps!

September 13, 2019 - 4:42am
Response to MichaelDwyer_GCS

Hi Michael,

Thanks for quick response.

I tried to use the condition equal to 90 days as well , but still it is not fetching all records whose closure date is within last 90 days.

It is fetching only few records. for an example lets say I want to display the records whose closure date is between last 90 days (considering I have run the report on 13th Sept then it should fetch the records from June 13 till Sept 13 so that it adds upto 90 days). however the same is not working.

Also one strange behavior which we have observed is after removing the equal to 90 condition and adding Less than or equal to 90 days condition is fetching all records and when we are adding explicit filtering condition on column (Last 90 days) is returning the correct values. Please refer the attached screen shot document for more reference.




September 18, 2019 - 4:23pm

A place to start to figure out the cause of this issue is to enable DB Query events in tracer and run the report. This will show what query has been generated to execute in the database. If the query is incorrect, then it is a bug.