Data set execution is changing property name in clipboard


I am facing a problem where data set execution is changing property name of the fetched row in clipboard. I have 2 properties one of which is having name of length 30 and the other having 31 chars. When the data set executes, in the fetched page in clipboard, the name of the property having 31 chars as length of name , is being changed to some dummy name for e.g. Property Name "abcderre" is getting changed to "abcde_01L". However the one having 30 chars as length of name is fine.

This is happening for all fields whose length name is more than 30 characters.

As per Pega, the maximum length of name can be 64 chars. Infact when I am using Obj-Browse, for the same record , in clipboard, name is unchanged and coming as per expected.

Can anyone suggest whether there is a constraint when it comes to length of property name for data set?

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November 7, 2019 - 9:46am


Did you try modifying the "Max Length" of the property in the "Advanced Tab" ? Try doing this, write fresh set of records and try reading it back again with the data-set.

November 8, 2019 - 2:11pm

Ignore the previous comment, that does not apply to length of the property names.

If its your own class name (that you own and manage) - then you can try and edit the "External Mapping" of the class rule to map the property to the actual DB table column names (seems like the DB column names are different than the property and auto matching. After doing this you have to also re-save the Data-Admin-DB-Table (DADT) rule for that particular class/table before re-running the data-set.

If this also does not help, please reach out to Pega support for further analysis and recommendations.