Data page loaded when "obj-open" a work object


In our application, a property is defined on the work class. This property refers a data page and this data page use a connector REST.

For a business requirement, we need to open a case with "Obj-Open-By-Handle" method to read another property.
When we use this method, the data page is loaded... And we don't want this behavior because the business requirement is to read other property; and the data page execution slows the application because it's a connector.

I think it's not correct behavior because the data page should be loaded only when the referred property is used declaratively.
I have compared this property with the OOTB property ".pyAttachments" which referred the data page "D_AttachmentList". We can observe that this data page is not loaded until the property .pyAttachments is used.

I have attached word document with complete description.

What do you think about this behavior ?

We have created the SR-C72699 about this behavior but this SR is currently closed.


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January 12, 2019 - 9:05pm

Data page should not be loaded unless the property is used or referenced some where.  Just only by using Obj-Open-By-Handle method the data page should not be loaded.