Data Migration & Rollback strategy

We just did a Cloud POC for our customer. Where Pega was involved in data migration. Attaching the email confirmation from Pega where QA on prem data (DB2 with PRPC V7.1.9) was migrated successfully to Cloud (PostgreSQL with PRPC V7.4).

Options for Migration:

  1. Update On Prem à Stabilize On Prem à Migrate to Cloud à Stabilize on Cloud (recommended)
  2. Update On Prem and then Migrate to Cloud à Stabilize on Cloud


1. Post go live (Pega Cloud on 7.4) if Customer doesn’t like to stay in Cloud and wants to come back On Prem, how the delta transactions (cases created on Cloud) will be brought down to On Prem (Database differs for Option 1 & both Database & PRPC version differ for Option 2) to avoid data loss? I did not find any relevant material in PDN though it seemed that there are instances where customer came back to On Prem.

2. For Option 2, We are planning to have a staggered production deployment for 3 Pega applications running in the same server. All three applications share a subset of Pega tables. Such tables would required application based partitions to help with staggered cloud migration.

In that case we have to sync up On Prem DB with Cloud DB untill Cloud environment is stabilized. Is that configurable using DMS (data migration service)?

3. Can DMS be used to sync up from Target to Source? In that case how the blob will behave in migration of 2 different DB vendors.

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January 29, 2019 - 3:57am

Would appreciate any sort of help in this regard

July 22, 2019 - 10:23am



There is no option to apply back the delta data from cloud to on-premises. Customer to test the application in production dry run environment to rule out such possibilities.

Delta data collected as part of DMS can not be applied in source system due to change in db type and class structure changes. 

If such situation there is only option we can check possibility of creating RAP and applying back. We need to perform the PoC before choosing this path