Data Migration efforts

We have to estimate the effort for data migration of inflight cases (around 27,000) from an existing application which is on Visual Basics 6 to new application to be built on Pega platform (v8).

Referred the "Pega-data-migration-datasheet" which mentions minimum 300-400 hours.

Any comments on how to estimate it correctly (steps to follow), would be really helpful.



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November 13, 2019 - 8:49am

HI   AnanyaN8

We do have the same requirement. But in our case, the legacy ( Current System) is not Visual Basics 6. Ours is fully a database product (Oracle). 

Steps to Follow


  1. Gathering the possible approaches and finalizing the most appropriate approach which suites best for the available data.
  2. The client is responsible for providing clean data in any of the forms ( tables, XML, Excel) with proper relations.
  3. The SI team will analyze the given data and notifies if any required data is not available from the provided one. If everything looks pretty much good then SI team will start developing the code and will deliver as per the commitment.
  4. After that testing team will do a round of testing to find if any data is missing.