Customize section displayed by failed Access When rule


We are building an application where we need to deny users to create and open cases where there is a conflict of interest. For this we use an Access When Rule. Functionality is working as expected, however we want to customize the OOTB sections that are displayed when the Access When rule returns false. I have tried to live UI and trace, but somehow I can't find the approriate section to modify. I could use some help in determining where to look. It would also be good if any of you knew how to pass dynamic information to the section (sourced from a data page).



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December 6, 2019 - 7:38am

Hi Andreas,

If you know the portal harness and you can directly open the harness rule and customize the sections accordingly.

To Know the portal harness you can directly open the designer studio and search the portal name and filter the type as harness