Custom java implementation

We have a need to create a custom java class, compile it and use it in a java step within an activity.

I am thinking to import the dependent jar file(referenced by the java implementation) using the import wizard and then use RUF for achieving this. Do you have any other thoughts or inference? Do we have any samples for such implementations in the past that we shall take advantage of?

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August 19, 2019 - 7:48am

Once you import your own jar, writing RUF is the same as writing a java step. There are plenty of RUF OOTB RUFs, check them if needed.

A couple of points to pay attention:

1. If you choose to import to your own codeset (versus default Customer:06-01-01), you will need to add a DDS to enable your codeset so that Pega engine can use it. Check the example of the OOTB DDS which enables the default codeset:


2. A restart is needed of course, but if your jars have conflicts with existing OOTB jars, you may get classloading conflict. There are no general rules in avoiding that, we will deal with that if the issue arises.