Custom autocomplete cant select on mobile device


I made a custom control to display hints when entering an address into an input and decomposing the full address into parts (Oblat, City, Street, etc.). Decomposition occurs when you click on one of the suggested autocomplete options after that values set in text fields. On the PC, everything works well, but when running on a mobile device and selecting one of the options, the value is not written to the fields for decomposition. Below is a sample of the code. We get hints from the external service when the API is connected to our application. Please tell me what the problem may be

$("[Data-test-ID = 'Input_Address']").suggestions({
token: "API key here",
type: "ADDRESS",
count: 5,

onSelect: function(suggestion) {

$("[Data-test-ID = 'Full1']").val(suggestion.unrestricted_value);
$("[Data-test-ID = 'Flat1']").val(;
$("[Data-test-ID = 'City1']").val(;
if ( == null)
$("[Data-test-ID = 'City1']").val(;
$("[Data-test-ID = 'Street1']").val(;
$("[Data-test-ID = 'House1']").val(;
$("[Data-test-ID = 'Region1']").val(;
$("[Data-test-ID = 'postal_code1']").val(;
$("[Data-test-ID = 'ID1']").val(sek);



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