Creating Prospect class in Pega Marketing

I'm on implementation of Pega Marketing following the instructions in the "Pega Marketing Implementation Guide 8.2".

As I proceed the step of " Creating a prospect class section" ,I copied ProsPectListImportResultReportDefinition.

But I Cannot copy this report definition.

Maybe .Tag and .ListName property is not valid.

Please teach me why I cannnot copy this report definition.

By the way,customer class is MKTApps-Data-Customer.

Prospect class is MKTApps-Data-Customer-Prospect

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September 20, 2019 - 6:00pm

The error in the attached screen shot shows that the class selected is 'PegaCRM-Data-Customer'.  This should be changed to 'MKTApps-Data-Customer-Prospect' since this is the extended Prospect class.  The extended Prospect class, 'MKTApps-Data-Customer-Prospect',  should have access to Tag and List Name properties through inheritance.