Create a custom PDC notification


I would like to know if it is possible to create a new notification in PDC or to modify one.

Indeed, I need to fulfill the following requirements for the services we have created:

  • calculate the performance degradation based on configurable thresholds: X calls above Y baseline response time within Z seconds. E.g. 10 API operation calls above 30 seconds within 10 minutes elapse time.
  • when threshold is reach an email must be sent
  • Ideally, the thresholds should be different for each service

Therefore, I would like to define a notification that will be sent when the performance degradation defined above is encountered. Is it possible?

Or is there an existing notification that could met my requirements?


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September 27, 2019 - 6:32am


You can send alerts from your application to PDC. To send a custom alert to PDC, configure the parameters that you want to pass to the SendApplicationAlert activity.

In the Dev Studio header search text field, search for and select the activity from which you want to call the SendApplicationAlert activity, for example, MyAlert.
In the Method field, enter Call SendApplicationAlert.
Click the Expand icon.
In the Method Parameters section, enter values for the following fields:
In the alertApplication field, enter the name of the application that you want to include in your alert.
In the alertCode field, enter a unique code for your alert, for example, JOHN0001. PDC uses the code to create a unique alert ID with the prefix CA- that uniquely identifies your custom alert, for example, CA-JOHN0001.
If you want PDC to treat your alert as urgent, select the isUrgent check box.
You can find all urgent events for a system on the Urgent Events tab of the Enterprise landing page.
In the caseCorrelationValue field, enter the value by which you want PDC to correlate your custom alert with the corresponding case. If you leave the default value, PDC correlates the alert based on the system name and the code that you defined in step b.
In the message field, enter the description that you want PDC to display in the case overview and in the event summary of your custom alert.
Click Save.


Thank You,

September 27, 2019 - 11:11am

Thank you, but I already read those articles and it doesn't fit my requirements. I could indeed create custom alerts for each of my services, but then I still need to trigger the notification sending depending on the amount of alerts generated for each of them during a given time period. So, I need to customize a specific notification type in PDC.