CPM : Requestor level editable/ReadOnly declare page refreshing twice in same interaction?

In Activity 1 i referring one data page (d_one) which has a Data transform to run.

in that same activity on another step i have ADP calling another data page(d_two) called in that i am calling one activity as a data source.

ISSUE : the activity which i have in d_two data page is referring d_one data page to get some value, But instead of saying cache found , the d_one page loading again and due to that the d_one page is getting null.

if data page is in requester level and loaded one it should maintain the data even if its referred multiple places.

both data page do not have any parameters.

once per interaction selected


in advance

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July 5, 2019 - 11:11am


I believe the way you get your ADP to be asynchronous is for it to be loaded in another requestor, so if d_one is at the requestor level, your operator process will load it and then when you call d_two asynchronously, it will need to load d_one in it's context as well. You can avoid this by either calling d_one at the node level or by calling d_two synchronously.