Convert any ClipBoard Class Page into pxResults Type

I have a requirement to display Charts and Graphs. I have looked at the PEGA OOTB UI section 'pxUIGalleryHorizontalStackedBarChart' and this is using the DataPage 'D_pzChart_PreviewSkinData' which in turn is loaded by an Activity 'pzChart_SkinPreviewData'.

The activity is a one line activity which is the following Java Code".pxResults"));

This implies that as long as the underlying data-structure or the clipboard structure is of pxResults type, the UI Graphs and Charts should be visible.

My questions are as follows.

1. PEGA Graphs and Charts will display IF and ONLY IF the data to be displayed is of type pxResults.

2. Does the load activity for the Datapage HAVE be in Code-Pega-List class?

3. Is there any generic way to convert any class/pagelist into a pxResults class?

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August 22, 2019 - 8:53am

The general idea is that whenever you are working with a list of things especially for reporting/charting purposes, it needs to be have a pxResults structure and when you deal with pxResults, it is typically held under a page of class Code-Pega-List. Also there is no generic way of converting any pagelist structure into pxResults, you will have to write your own code to handle that conversion or use an actual report definition to handle that behind the scenes for you.

Hope you get more responses here to help you out. Thanks.

August 22, 2019 - 1:02pm

1. IF and ONLY IF the data to be displayed is of type pxResults, you can use Charts.

2.  pxResults is typically/always built in class Code-Pega-List. If you have a DataPage, that needs to have pxResults, you would need to write the load activity in the Code-Pega-List class,.

3.  To convert ANY class into pxResults try writing a test activity in the Code-Pega-List class that is used as a load activity for DataPage as shown below.


Do a PageCopy of the (repeating) class pagelist as below. Since you have defined pxResults as $ANY, the PageCopy will copy the class of your StepPage into the pxResults.