Control Region cannot get text

I have a java pop up. I can only perform click but i cannot get any text. I already did the editing in openspan.ini which is required but still cannot get text and set text. Also may i know why i can only see black background when adding control region? I need to change the date, I am currently using sendkeys to change the date for the mean time but the machine will be locked so sendkeys is not a permanent solution. Can you help me?


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October 10, 2019 - 10:23am

If the control region is blank, that usually means it cannot see the controls below the control you've selected. Try adding a CR on a higher or lower control in the hierarchy.

Since this is a Java app, and assuming you are using at least 8.0 SP1, and also assuming that the app is built using Java AWT or Java Swing, you can use the UI Connectors to construct your own translators for interacting with custom Java controls.