Control to conditionally change color of label

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Need to change the color of a label conditionally using a control.

I have a grid that displays the status of the product ( some data from external system ). The list of the products should be displayed on a table format to the user with the status being disaplyed in different colors based on the status value.

This below snippet can be used as the control to get the colored values.

Control can be a parameterised one to send the property that to be checked in the conditions.

In the below snippet "Property" is the parameter in the control with "smartpromt type" as Rule-Obj-Property.

PFA for details.


String strPropertyName = tools.getParamValue("Property");
String result="";

if (strPropertyName.equals("Test")) {

result = "red";

if (strPropertyName.equals("Ariel")) {

result = "green"; }
result = "orange";

tools.putParamValue("result" , result);
tools.putParamValue("PropertyValue" , strPropertyName);



<pega:when test="param.result=='green'">

<div style="color:green;font-weight:bold">

<pega:reference name="param.PropertyValue" />



<pega:when test="param.result=='red'">

<div style="color:red;font-weight:bold">

<pega:reference name="param.PropertyValue" />


<pega:when test="param.result=='orange'">

<div style="color:orange;font-weight:bold">

<pega:reference name="param.PropertyValue" />






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May 17, 2019 - 6:54am

Thank you for sharing this solution on PSC!

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