Content Rule Search Customization

Hi ,

I was exploring how content search is working in pega (7.1.9). My target was to customize the content search so that it is restricted to specific rule types (lets say Activity and Data Transform rules). Once this is implemented content search of rules will ignore any reference found in rules types other than activity and data transform.

1st I thought to remove untended results from page list before displaying to user.

Once I found API extension point pySearchParams I thought it would be better to use this activity than filtering the result set so we already get a filtered list from search result.

I added a page in pyParams page list with below entries

pyValue Rule-Obj-Activity

pyName pyClass

pySection Rule

But I did not get any result after enabling this, any idea how to debug/fix this




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October 16, 2019 - 12:56pm

Hi, it appears, you already looked into the rules involved here, I would suggest that you review the activity rule Embed-. pzSearchResults in Pega-Desktop ruleset. This will only help you to understand the logic, but this is a pz rules meaning you will not be able to customize this rule itself. 

Thank you

October 17, 2019 - 3:02am
Response to tanie_GCS

Hi Tanie,

Thanks for replying. Yes I have explored all the underlying rules involved in rule content search.pzSearchResults is performing the search,the same is provisioned with extension point activity pySearchParams. Before transferring the search request to DB Pega is constructing pagelist pyParams. Most common item in the list is the application rule set list. I have extended this list  as below

pxObjClass Data-Find-SearchParam 

 pyValue          Rule-Obj-Activity 

 pyName         pyClass 

 pySection Rule 

But this results 0 result found.

I assume the above setting is applied on Data-Rule-Summary class to filter. 

Is there any additional index to be built?

How to use extension point activity pySearchParams